sylph crest

The Eastern Keep

eastern keep

Sylphs House is the family of all students under 18 born in an Air Sign – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. These are all airy and intellectual signs full of imagination and loving harmony, beauty, ideas, and ideals.

High above the walls of the majestic Grey School castle, framed by the flaming yellow-orange hues of the Dawn, stands The Eastern Keep. The gray outer walls are draped in yellow banners boasting the crest of the Sylphs’ House. No doorway can be seen for only those who hold the password of knowledge may enter here. Will the Sorting Staff impart the secret word to you? Find out.

Within these walls awaits our common room, The Tower, where you will find the company of your Housemates. The Keep is also where you will find the arcane wisdom of the Sylphs’ Spell Book and The Book of Knowledge.

We call the Guardians of the East to watch over and protect this school.

We call the Sylphs of the Air to inspire our intellect and the pursuit of knowledge.

Let Dawn break. May the Light fill us!