four winds crest

Society of the Four Winds


Like the continuously shifting winds, this Lodge is an evolving and growing group dedicated to deepening our wizardly knowledge and skills–while enjoying ourselves in the process.

The Society of the Four Winds is an active adult group in magickal studies and practice. Members of this Lodge enjoy the opportunity to become involved in:

  • The Chamber of the Anemoi Common Room
  • Winds-Specific challenges and group projects
  • An interactive and supportive forum environment, lovingly known as “The Spire”
  • Semiannual group spell design and casting
  • And much more.

Always a social and academic presence in the Grey School of Wizardry, the Society of the Four Winds hold the Spring 2006 Lodge Cup. Our Semiannual Lodge Spell has become a Grey School tradition involving the entire student and faculty population, and our projects and Lodge Development have been on the vanguard of the growth of this school and its students since its inception.

The Society of the Four Winds has a proud history at the Grey School of Wizardry and look forward to sharing it with its newest members.