Student Submission – Innana’s Grace by Isn Aggro

Innana’s Grace

© Isn Aggro. Used with permission.


When the world was new a God came to

He held a truth that needed root

Enki walked to the banks of the Great River

He had a seed, a tree to deliver

Upon the Euphrates he let his love unfurl

Then stole away to the Underworld

But Alas! The storms have no position on this

With flood and water away it whisked

This single tree from its fertile land

Washed away to Innana’s hand

This tree she kept, and planted anew

And as years passed, that small tree grew

Large and full from root to bone

Innana imagined it born once more; now as a throne

Upon a much closer eye Inside

She saw where a snake, a bird and a dark spirit lie

Unable to remove the pests herself

She came to both her brothers for help

Utu thought then said sternly NO!

So brother Gilgamesh said “I shall go”

He chased from her tree the beasts within

And cut it thus with his glorious win

Made the tree into the chair his sister needed

The quest fulfilled, her wishes heeded

Soon a word came upon the wind

Innana’s sister had a husband and she lost him

Death had come to take him home

and left her in the Underworld alone

She donned upon her the heirlooms of her house

and made her way the the Shadowland’s mouth

Unto the Gatekeeper “Let me through” she asked

They took from her a treasure for each gate she passed

By the time she reached her sister forlorn

She wore skin alone like the day she was born

The Judges of the Dead

Turned to her their hellish heads

“Cast her down, kill her” they said with a look

and hung Innana dead from a throne room hook

The Queen’s servant went for help swiftly

But none would help, save wise Enki

He crafted then two marvelous beasts

Who came with gifts of food and water sweet

To cure Innana’s sister from all her grief

They offer unto her a true relief

And in return, all they ask

Is to have Innana’s body back

Once in hand they use magic meal

To break apart Death’s judgment seal

And just as she was to return to grace

A voice came and thus spake

What we give, so shall we take

You must find another to take your place

Innana’s searched, a quest confusing

Until finally choosing oblivious Dumuzi

His sister Geshtinna could not bear

Wherever my brother go, I shall be there

Taking pity upon the two

Innana knew exactly what to do

Split the time in half, between boy and girl

Half each year in the Underworld

And so it was and came to be

The songs and stories of destiny

The love and loss, captured and free

And all of this from a single Tree