Ask the Wizard Question Submission – English and the Grey School

Today on Grey Matters, we will answer an anonymous question submitted to the editor.

Is knowledge of the English language is strictly necessary to study at the Grey School?

The short answer is, “yes.”

The more elaborate answer is that, yes, it is absolutely necessary to be able to at least read and write English in order to study at the Grey School. All classes, assignments, the website, discussion forums, and the like are all in English. We simply don’t have the resources to translate things into other languages or provide interpreters. The faculty expect student work to be in English and to be well-written enough to demonstrate understanding of the subject material.

It is not necessary to have a flawless command of English, though. The ability to read and comprehend written English text at about an 8th grade level and write intelligibly and understandably at a similar level are all that is needed.


Unless otherwise stated, this answer reflects the opinion of the Editor-in-Chief of Grey Matters. It does not represent the position of the Grey School of Wizardry, its faculty, or its administration.

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