Class Preview – Invoking Qabbalistic Beings of Light

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Class: Invoking Qabbalistic Beings of Light

Department: Ceremonial Magick (White)

Level: 3


Lesson 3: Angels & Beings of Light 


Angels and Beings of Light are common to the mythologies of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other systems of magickal theurgy. Angels and Beings of Light are not specifically mentioned in the works of the Hermetica; however, the term Hermes was at one time used generically to describe all deities. Deities were communicated with because of their knowledge and ability to assist mortals. In Qabbalistic magick (Hermetic Kabbalah), Angels (“messengers”) are considered to be Spirits or Intelligences of the “higher” planes or Beings of Light, while Daemons (“lesser gods”) inhabit the “lower” realms. Humans, of course, are in the middle. Betwixt and between. Most of the rituals of “High Magick” are concerned with invoking (asking to come in) or summoning (demanding to come in) or conjuring these Entities into visible presence, and either asking or commanding them to reveal certain information or perform various tasks. This is uncannily similar to the way we now use the Internet and the Worldwide Web! Many use the term Qabbalah/Qabala for Hermetic, Kabbalah/Kabala for Jewish, Cabbalah/Cabala for Catholic forms of mysticism, while others use the terms interchangeably.

Both Angels and Daemons are ranked in ordered levels of hierarchies, much like an army. Many Angels are by nature cooperative, and wish to aid a worthy magician. Daemons are more likely to be shifty and uncooperative, and may have to be threatened and coerced into helping. Daemons may also attempt to pose as other spirits, so you should cultivate a good understanding of whom you will invoke, and what to do if the presence is not whom you wanted to invoke. In this Lesson I will concentrate on the Angels of the Qabbalistic tradition, but you are free to substitute any Being of Light that you have appropriate correspondences to.


Angels are pure spirit therefore have no sexuality. They are free of the limitations of the material world, are incorporeal and immortal. They are fixed in their roles, have no free will, and do not change or evolve. Their functions and their objectives are to help us to know our true nature and purpose, and awaken our divine consciousness. You may classify humans into three groups; the asleep, the awakened, and the enlightened. That you are in the Grey School of Wizardry tells me that likely your are awakened and possibly in search of enlightenment. Angels can help us navigate to the higher order of enlightenment through direct communication – called Theurgy.

Groups of Angels are known as Choirs. Each Choir contains thousands of Angels, ruled by an Archangel. There are ten Archangels, each associated, according to the Qabbalah, with a Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Each of the 10 Sephirah can simplistically be seen as ways in which the Infinite power reveals itself. Here, even the Angelic Choirs are ranked from the highest (#1) to the lowest (#10) in hierarchies. If you should decide to conjure up any of these Archangels, it’s extremely important to pronounce their names correctly. Why? Because there are multitudes of Angels and Daemons and the differences between some of their names is miniscule.


Angelic Choirs

1.  Chioth Ha Qadesh— This is the supreme Order of Angels, directly associated with the ultimate infinite Divine Spirit of Kether (crown). Kether is the highest level on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. They are known as the Holy Living Creatures, and they are led by Archangel Metatron (MEh-tah-tron) (“Angel of the Presence”). The King of all the Angels, and the youngest, he was once the Biblical Patriarch Enoch. Metatron is the link between God and humanity. His female counterpart is Shekinah (shee-KEE-na).

2.  Auphanim— These are the Whirling Forces. Associated with Chokmah (wisdom) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, they are ruled by Archangel Raziel (RAh-zee-el) (“delight of God”), the Prince of knowledge of hidden things, who is called the Angel of Mysteries. The legendary Book of Raziel is said to contain a secret coded key to the mysteries of the Universe unknown even to other Angels.

3.  Aralim— These are the Strong and Mighty Ones. They are made of white fire and are associated with Binah (understanding) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the Sephirah of Saturn and the Female Principle. Their ruling Archangel is Tzaphqiel (SAhF-kee-el), also spelled Cassiel (“contemplation of God”), the Prince of spiritual strife against evil.

4.  Chasmalim— These are the Brilliant Ones. They are concerned with Justice and are associated with Chesed (mercy) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the Sephirah of Jupiter. They are led by Archangel Tzadkiel (SAhD-kee-el), also spelled Sachiel (“justice of God”), Prince of mercy and beneficence who guards the Gates of the East Wind.

5.  Seraphim— These are the Flaming Ones, the Avenging Angels of destruction. They serve Geburah (severity) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the Sephirah of Mars and the Fear of God. They are ruled by Archangel Kamael (KAh-mah-el), also spelled Camael (“severity of God”). As Prince of strength and courage, he bears the flaming sword.

6.  Malachim— Also called the Shinanin; these serve Tiphareth (beauty) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the Sephirah of the Sun. They govern all natural laws and are responsible for the motions and cycles of the heavenly bodies, as well as any miracles that break the laws of Nature. They inspire valor in heroes and virtue in saints. Their Archangel is Raphael (RAh-fah-el) (“physician of God”), Prince of healing.

7.  Elohim— These are the pantheon (“all God’s), also known as the Choir of Principalities. They are associated with Netzach (victory) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Sephirah of Venus. Their presiding Archangel is Haniel (HAh-nee-el), also spelled Anael (“grace of God”), Prince of love and harmony. His female counterpart, Hagiel (HAh-gee-el), is a beautiful green-eyed Angel appearing exactly as the Goddess Aphrodite.

8.  Beni Elohim— These are the Sons of the Gods, also known as the Choir of Archangels. They are associated with Hod (splendor) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the Sephirah of Mercury. Their Archangel is Michael (MEE-kah-el) (“protector of God”). Their province is art and knowledge.

9.  Cherubim— These are the Guardian Angels of humanity; their name means “those who intercede.” They serve Yesod (foundation) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the Sephirah of action and the Moon. Their Archangel is Gabriel (GAh-Bree-el) (“strength of God”), most beloved of all the Angels. It was he who appeared to Mary with the Annunciation, and dictated the Koran to Mohammed.

10. Ishim— These are the lowest order of Angels, assisting humanity directly. Also called the Blessed Souls and the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, they were once living saints and prophets. They are associated with Malkuth—the Kingdom of Earth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and mundane concerns. Their Archangel is Sandalphon (san-DAL-fun) (“co-brother”), the twin of Metatron. He was once the Hebrew prophet Elias.

* You may notice that Auriel/Uriel, the guardian of the northern quadrant is not included in this list of angelic choirs. More on Uriel later.

* Below is the Tree of Life. There may be different color scales and correspondences depending on the tradition.

Qabbalistic Tree of Life


You must become very familiar with the qualities and associations of the Angel you wish to contact. This will give you an easy guide of benefits that you might obtain along with items that you should acquire for your magickal operation. Study the various Tables of Correspondence in this Grimoire, and make up a little chart for the particular Angel that you would like to gain knowledge or assistance from. Here are some correspondences for the Archangels of the Choirs:

 1.   Metatron  Links human & Divine  Sage, Herkimer, Frankincense  Diamond  White
 2.   Raziel  Concealment, hidden knowledge  Geranium, Eucalyptus  Fluorite  Smoky Blue
 3.   Tzaphqiel

aka Cassiel

 Answers prayers, intercession  Sage, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Myrhh  Obsidian, Tourmaline  Black
 4.   Tzadkiel

aka Sachiel

 Protect teachers,  manifestation  Bayberry, Cedar, Nutmeg  Lapis Lazuli  Blue, Purple
 5.   Kamael

aka Camael

 Strength, courage  Cinnamon, Gardenia, Cypress  Garnet  Olive, Citrine
 6.   Raphael  Healing  Jasmine, Rose, Lilly  Rose Quartz  Yellow, Pink
 7.   Haniel

aka Anael

 Artistic Creativity  Patchouli, Rose, Bayberry  Emerald, Malachite  Green
 8.   Michael  Protection, patience  Rosemary  Citrine, Calcite  Orange, Peach
 9.   Gabriel  Messenger of God  Jasmine, Aloes, Sandalwood  Quartz, Moonstone  Purple
 10. Sandalphon  Life, prayer  Sandalwood, Lemon, Carnation  Smoky Quartz  Black, Russet

What about Auriel/Uriel?

In the Qabbalah, there are four archangels of the cardinal directions, many times called the Guardians; they are Raphael in the east, Michael in the south, Gabriel in the west, and Auriel/Uriel in the north. Used this way, Metatron would be above you, and Sandalphon below you. Auriel/Uriel is pronounced oh-REE-el, sometimes mentioned as Uzziel, or Oriel. Auriel means “Lion of God” Uriel means “Fire of God” and is the angel of wisdom (as in shining light into the darkness). Storax and Benzoin incense. Emerald, Jade, and Amazonite stones. Blue-green color. The archangels of the Tree of Life are not the only archangels, there are the archangels of the quarters, the days of the week, the zodiacs, etc.

Magickal Timing

To call upon the angels you will have much more success if you use the days and times that correspond to their presence. The Companion for the Apprentice Wizard has a Magickal Timing Dial created by Professor Opsopaus that is very useful for this purpose. You should take the time to make one, you will use it quite often. I like to NOT rely on technology, but rather use it as I desire rather than because I must. You may use for magickal timing.

Sunday – Michael. The sphere of Hod (Splendor). Guardian of the Southern Quadrant. Sun.

Monday – Gabriel. The sphere of Yesod (Foundation). Guardian of the Western Quadrant. Moon.

Tuesday – Kamael. The sphere of Geburah (Severity). Mars.

Wednesday – Raphael. The sphere of Tiphareth (Beauty). Guardian of the Eastern Quadrant. Mercury.

Thursday – Tzadkiel (Sachiel). The sphere of Chesed (Mercy). Jupiter.

Friday – Haniel (Anael). The sphere of Netzach (Victory). Venus.

Saturday – Tzaphkiel (Cassiel). The sphere of Binah (Understanding). Saturn.


Any Day or Hour

Metatron – The sphere of Kether (Crown).

Raziel – The sphere of Chokmah (Wisdom).

Sandalphon – The sphere of Malkuth (Earth).


Timing Uriel 

Auriel/Uriel has been associated with different spheres and planetary influences, like the sphere of Chokmah (Wisdom), Uranus. The Armadel  has Uriel connected to Mercury. Other sources have Auriel in the sphere of Malkuth allowing him to be called upon in any hour. What is a wizard to do? Personally, it makes a lot of sense to me that Auriel, who is the Guardian of the Northern Quadrant (Earth element) is in the sphere of Malkuth (Earth). As such call upon Auriel at any day or hour. Auriel should also be the first archangel you get to know considering that we may be closest to identifying with Earth than Kether.

First Things First

When beginning invocations of Beings of Light, you should first choose one of the Guardians of the Quarters (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Auriel/Uriel), or if your tradition has different guardians, then use them. After you have introduced yourself to, and are conversant with, all of the Guardians, only then attempt to invoke the others.

Other Beings of Light, not from the Hermetic Qabala traditions, will have their own correspondences that you should study, as well as ways to dismiss unwanted Beings.


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