New Class Announcement – Through the Hidden Door: Realm of the Fayerie

“Through the Hidden Door—Realm of the Fayerie” is a brand new Level 6, 3 credit Natural Philosophy class that is now open to Students!
The crypto-terrestrial realm of the fayerie is often experienced through sacred places in the natural world—magickal glens and forests, across distant oceans, and on long forgotten isles. The liminal gateways are hidden betwixt and between enchanted pairs of hazel trees, mounds of sacred stones, a portal of toadstools, through the reflection of the full moon on a secluded pond, and the hollow of the might oak.

These are but a few of the entry points through the overlapping dimensional realities of worlds, however what is the realm of the fayerie? How are the laws of manifestation and permanence different from our own? How do these realms overlap? P

rofessor Shadowfox and I [Professor Nicholas Kingsley] had a wonderful time writing this class and we hope that you enjoy it as well. So come walk with us through this adventure to answer these and other thought provoking questions about the world of the fayerie and their magick…