Class Preview – Healing Charms and Talismans

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Class: Healing Charms and Talismans

Department: Healing (Blue)

Level: 4


Lesson 3


Charm Bags have been used for centuries by many peoples and religions. They may go by the name gris-gris, mojo bags, medicine bags, conjure bags, etc. All are designed to attract or dispel (drive away) particular influences from the wearer. We will be using our bags to dispel any illness or disease we may have or to attract good health to us.

In Lesson Two, we spoke of using Charm Bags to heal illness. So the first step in creating your bag will be to decide what you need to heal. This we’ve accomplished in Assignment #1.

Now that you’ve determined what type of illness you wish your bag to combat, you will need to gather your supplies. First, you will need to create the bag in which you will place your ingredients. The materials most often used for making charm bags are natural materials such as cotton or wool, chamois, and leather. By keeping the materials natural and free of chemicals, you are further increasing your chances of a successful healing. However, please do not use silk as your natural material: while it feels great next to the skin, silk acts to “insulate” against magickal energies, blocking out any magick and healing energies with which you will empower your bag and ingredients.

As we are making healing charm bags, you will need to use a color of material, chamois or leather that matches your intentions. The color most commonly used in healing is blue. This can be any shade of blue that you feel represents healing energies, but this is just a guideline. If you feel that the color purple connects you more with healing energies, use purple. You may also want to match the color of the bag to what type of healing you are performing. Perhaps you are creating a charm bag for losing weight. To help lose weight you may want to boost your metabolism. Your metabolism is how your body uses energy. Energy itself is often associated with the color red. So, to boost your metabolism you could make your charm bag of red material or leather. Still not sure which color to use? If in doubt, white is always the color of choice.

Just a short note on using leather and chamois for your bags: If you are planning on carrying the charm bag in your pocket, make sure the dye in the leather is fast (that is it does not come off of the leather when it is wet) or you will have the dye bleed onto your clothing. This can happen with other materials as well so I suggest you pre-wash the material before using.

You can fashion the charm bag in one of two ways. You can fashion the leather or material into a pouch by folding a rectangular or square piece in half and sewing up two sides. On the top you can tie a thin leather piece (like a shoe lace) or yarn to close the bag. The second method is described in the Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard page 199, where you cut a 6” diameter circular piece of cloth, leather or chamois. Punch a series of holes around the outer edge and thread a 30” piece of yarn, cord or leather strap through them and tie the ends together. This makes a very strong bag which you can wear or carry on your person.

Once you have fashioned your bag, you will want to fill it with ingredients that correspond with the type of healing you are working for. In the next lessons you will find the types of ingredients you may want to add to your charm bag.


Stones and crystals have been used as charms and in charm bags since the first person picked up a stone from the ground and kept it for luck. When creating your healing charm bag, you may want to include special stones or crystals to aid in the healing process. Below you will find a short list of stones, their names and their particular healing properties. As you progress, you will research and find others that can aid you in increasing the healing properties of your charms.

Agate: Agates come in many different colors; clear or milky white, blue, gray, pink, and brown. They are usually banded and sometimes translucent. They are fairly common stones which make them easy and inexpensive to find.

The healing properties of the Agate include:


  • Eye diseases
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas
  • Healing emotional disease
  • Relieving gastritis
  • Skin disorders
  • Stabilizing the aura
  • Strengthen blood vessels
  • Uterine disorders


Bloodstone: This green quartz stone flecked with red jasper (sometimes yellow), is readily available in your home-town metaphysical or lapidary store or on-line. As its name suggests, the Bloodstone helps to purify the blood and remove blood-borne toxins, supports blood-flow, aids in circulation and can also aid in halting the flow of blood (as from a cut or wound). Bloodstones can help reduce the formation of pus. It is very helpful in leukemia cases.

Fluorite: Fluorite comes in many colors including blue, green, purple, clear and a yellowish brown. Again, these are a fairly common stone so they are easy to obtain. Use Fluorite in your charm bags to fight infections, and viruses. Fluorite works well in fighting off colds, flu and sinusitis. It is great for helping to heal ulcers, alleviate arthritis and rheumatism.

Jade: While most of us are familiar with green jade, it also comes in shades of orange, brown, blue, blue-green, cream, lavender, red and white. Jade removes toxins, treats kidney disorders, and assists with childbirth and fertility issues.

Moss Agate: This common stone comes in colors of green, blue, red, yellow and brown and has markings like foliage or moss in the stone. Moss agate is excellent to help speed recovery of any kind. Use this stone as an anti-inflammatory, and to help to counteract long term illnesses. It can help to eliminate depression, lower fevers and protect against colds, flu and viruses.

Peridot: This beautiful stone is most often seen as the olive green August birthstone. In fact, the Peridot can be olive green, yellowish-green, honey colored, red or brownish. For healings, the Peridot is excellent for strengthening the metabolism, helping with heart ailments, balancing bipolar disorders, and to strengthen the thymus, gallbladder and spleen.

Ruby: The Ruby is prized for its beautiful red color and therefore can be quite expensive. But if you can, find a small ruby to add to your healing stones. Rubies are great for stimulating the kidneys, reproductive organs, and the adrenals. Use Rubies to treat fevers and infectious diseases.

Sunstone: This beautiful stone comes in its most familiar yellow, but also in orange, red- brown, blue and green. While it is sometimes hard to find, most specialty stone shops will carry them. Add Sunstone to your charm bags for: relieving stomach ulcers, soothing sore throats, lifting depression, aiding general aches and pains, and regulating the nervous system.

Tourmaline: This easily obtainable stone comes in a variety of colors, each with its own special healing properties.


  • Black Tourmaline – Strengthens the immune system, aids in treating both arthritis and dyslexia, provides pain relief, and can defend against debilitating diseases.
  • Blue Tourmaline – Use this stone for healing diseases of the brain, pulmonary and immune systems. It also aids those infirmed with thymus and thyroid problems, chronic sore throats, night sweats, sinusitis, and bacterial infections.
  • Brown Tourmaline – This stone is best used for intestinal disorders and skin ailments. It is also wonderful in stimulating the body’s regenerative powers.
  • Green Tourmaline – Green Tourmaline is wonderful to add to your charm bag if you are seeking help with insomnia or other sleep disorders. It is also a great for those weight loss charm bags. This stone also aids your strained muscles, is a great detoxifier, and helps with bowel disorders such as constipation and diarrhea. If you suffer from panic attacks, this is the stone you should carry.
  • Pink Tourmaline – While this stone is generally associated with love and used as an aphrodisiac it also is great for balancing your endocrine system and treating heart, lung and skin disease.
  • Purple-Violet Tourmaline – If you are making a charm bag to help heal depression, you will want to include this stone. Purple-Violet Tourmaline is also useful when treating epilepsy and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).
  • Yellow Tourmaline – When treating disease of the gallbladder, kidneys, liver, spleen or stomach, add Yellow Tourmaline to your charm bag.



We are all familiar with using herbs for healing so it seems only natural to add these to your charm bag. When you are choosing herbs to add to your bag, begin by keeping in mind the herb’s medicinal use. For example, if an herb could be used medicinally to treat colds, then it can be added to your charm bag to aid in relieving the symptoms of your cold. Since you will not be taking these internally, you can use your instincts as well when choosing your herbs. If you feel marjoram needs to be added to your bag but your research notes that it is not recommended medicinally for that particular ailment, go ahead and use it.

Below are several herbs and their medicinal uses to get you started.

Echinacea: This herb is excellent to use for any illness as its primary use is for boosting your immune system.

Elder: Use Elder in your charm bag to combat fevers, lessen the pain and inflammation of toothaches, and to aid in insomnia.

Garlic: Garlic can be used to “absorb” disease, combat colds, flu and heart disease as well as earaches, fungal infections and sore throats and tonsillitis.

Ginger: To “halt” illness, add Ginger to your healing charm bag. Also use Ginger to aid in joint inflammation and swelling, fevers, colds, morning sickness and ulcers.

Juniper: When working towards treating a viral infection, add Juniper to your charm bag.

Plantain: If you are treating an infection add Plantain to your bag. Plantain is also useful when you are doing healing magick for hemorrhoids, laryngitis, and sunburn.

St. John’s Wort: Use St. John’s Wort in your healing charm bags to ward off colds and fevers, to aid in women’s disorders, to treat bruises and burns, depression and anxiety disorders.


I encourage you to be creative! Use all of your correspondence knowledge and your instincts when choosing items for your charm bag. First of all, let’s look at correspondences (see the required reading list for the recommended text Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences by Eileen Holland, New Page Books, 2006). As the class has already noted the color of healing is blue, the color of the element of Water. Some also associate the element of Earth with healing. Again, use that element which you feel most symbolizes healing to you. Now add that element to your charm bag to boost the healing power of the herbs and stones you’ve already chosen. Perhaps a seashell? Some moss? A leaf?

Oils are a wonderful addition as well. They add great energy and the addition of scent. By combining your chosen oil with a bit of Orris root powder you set the oil, allowing its scent to permeate the bag.

You can purchase oils from your local metaphysical shop or on line. Azure Green ( is one such supplier who carries a great variety of essential oils. Other resources include: Magickal Realms, Home of the Enchanted Candle,, and Kamala Perfumes, Look for oils that include herbs, stone, elements or even planetary influences that are associated with healing, such as the herbs and stones noted earlier in the lesson. You can add ready-made healing oils or prepare one of your own using oils with healing properties.

What type of disease are you healing? When you think of the disease does a particular picture come to mind? Draw that picture or find a picture in a magazine or book and then draw an X through it to signify that disease is no longer present.

Get the idea? Good, because now it’s time to show me what you’ve created!


Now that your Healing Charm Bag is completed, it is time to empower the bag with healing energies. You can do this by:


  • Writing a charm to go with your intentions and saying it as you empower the bag.
  • Placing the healing charm bag in your hands or holding your hands over the bag and filling the bag with healing energies as you visualize the disease leaving the body and your (or the recipient’s) body being filled with light and see it as whole, healthy and well.
  • Chant, dance, sing, clap, etc. to raise energy and send it into the charm bag.
  • A combination of any of these.


For example, while holding your hands over your healing charm bag or holding the bag in your hands, repeat the following:

“By rowan, alder, ash and oak,

Healing energies to ________ I invoke.

Power sent, illness to quell

She/he is healthy, whole and well.”

Hold your visualization and repeat until you feel you’ve placed all the energy you can into your charm bag. When completed you can carry the healing charm bag on your person or wear it on a cord around your neck.

Please complete Essays Two, Three and Four


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