What Is Magick By Themathou Storm Bringer

What Is Magick?

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Magick in my opinion is a way to use and manipulate energy to change the probability and situation in your favor. It is also so many other things. It is the feeling of seeing a loved one after a long time. It is the love between a mother and her newborn child. Even though they have never formally meet in the outside world, it is the connection they have. Magick is the relief of the doctor telling you that you finally beat cancer. Magick is the wonder of swimming in the ocean and have a pod of killer whales or dolphins suddenly swim with you. It is the amazement of feeding animals and watching and feeling them take it right out of your hand. Magick is so many things to so many people. “Magick is what we call various ways of making changes in ourselves and the world.” (Zell-Ravenheart pg17) Just imagine how magickal It must have been to the first people who discovered fire. They discovered a most useful and valuable tool. They could use it to light up and see in the night, cook their food and defend themselves from predators. Yes, most people think magick is just a bunch of tricks and spell work, but it is so much more. Magick has a lot to do with energy, but what is energy anyway?

Energy is the force that allows us to live and breathe. Like it is said in Star Wars, it surrounds us and penetrates us as well as every living and non-living thing in the universe. It even permeates one’s very soul. Whether you believe in God, gods and or goddesses, energy is all the same. It is simply put, “Energy is everything” (Highcorrell pg194) It is true, energy is everything and in everything. Energy and matter make up the universe we live in. It is from the quark to the electrons, protons and neutrons it atoms, molecules mixtures, compounds and more. With electricity in the electron flow theory electrons travel across a distance from a negative potential to a positive one. By doing this flow of electrons produces current and voltage. Which in turn creates different frequencies which is measured in cycles per second, and the friction of movement through a conductor creates heat, oscillations and the different frequencies we call energy. Which brings me to a belief if you will. I think everything is electrical in one form or another. Electrical charges are positive, negative and neutral. One of the smallest building blocks in the known universe that people most recognize is the atom. Atoms have protons which are positively charged, electrons which are negatively charged and neutrons that are electrically neutral. These different charges charry different potentials which when attracted to each other creates a charge and a movement of energy. Intent creates certain level of these electrical happenings in the brain which are then detected by the universe and sent out. They are then received by the powers that be whether those be the elements, gods, goddesses or even nature itself and then transformed into hopefully the desired manifestation.

Energy is a very real thing. It can not always be seen, but to those who are able, it can be experienced. I think the power of the mind, belief and will can change and or manipulate the flow of these energy patterns for the better or worse. Which is why I think there is a difference between Black and white magick. Energy is not inherently good or evil. It just is. It is the way people manipulate and or use the energy which makes it good or evil.

A good source of energy are crystals. You may ask, crystals make pretty jewelry and look nice, but how can they help heal, or with any other magick? It is simple. All crystals when stimulated oscillate. This statement is partially proven by a radio. Electricity stimulates the crystal and it oscillates. The oscillations are controlled by a knob that is manipulated by the user. The speed in which the crystal oscillates determines the frequency. The faster it oscillates the higher the frequency. The slower it oscillates, the lower the frequency. When the radios frequency matches the frequency of the signal from the tower, one hears the music or the program that is being played. So, then you may ask, how does this help heal or produce magickal results? To put it simply, using one’s mind one can manipulate the synaptic fluxes in the brain and using concentration and will. Using this one effects the energy around them which in turn then effects the crystal. In turn this activates the crystals vibratory centers and it then starts oscillating. For example, have you ever walked into a room and had your ears start ringing or just physically felt different? I have as a child and it hurt my ears so bad my parents picked me up and carried me out of the room. X-rays, lasers, and other medical and scientific equipment work on the principal of these crystal frequencies that travel through a given space and manipulating the environment around them. It has been proven that people, animals and even plants are affected by different frequencies of music. Some songs make plants wilt, while others make them perk up and look healthier and more vibrant. Human and animal emotions are the same way. When I am trying to work or exercise I choose more upbeat and faster harsher tones. Did you ever wonder why people when they are sad listen to more somber music? It’s not only the words but the frequencies used effect our emotional state and are more equal to our frequencies at the time. So, in a way magick is also manipulated energies that are manipulated by the personal frequencies of the user. Like attracts like, is why I was always told to never practice magick while sad or angry. That can open a door to things that are not so nice. It is said that demons and other negative entities are of lower frequency. Anger, hate and sadness are also said by some to be of lower frequency. Have you ever felt a heaviness about you when you were upset or angry? If you stepped on a scale I would bet, you hadn’t lost weight since before you became that way. I think it is the lower frequency somehow affecting your frequency centers from the stress. There are ways to help get rid of that stress and change its frequencies to more powerful and useful forms. I practice called meditation is very useful for this.

“Meditation is the most important foundational skill to learn, as it will help you to be able to do many other things.” (Zell-Ravenheart pg33) Meditation is key to aligning your own frequencies to those around you to effect change. Meditation develops a calm open mind and eventually lets you even control your own vibratory patterns and frequencies of your brain waves. Your frequencies when tuned into specific frequencies help manipulate the energies around you, they go off into the cosmos and depending on the spell changes the probabilities in your favor. Meditation “Published studies have documented the many physical and mental health benefits of meditation, including decreased pain, better immune function, less anxiety and depression, a heightened sense of well-being, and greater happiness and emotional self-control. Google Scholar turns up almost 700,000 research documents on meditation, among them imaging studies that show increased activity in brain regions associated with attention, a higher volume of grey matter, and lessened amygdala response to emotional stimuli. What actually happens in the brain when we meditate? Why is meditation so nourishing to the mind, body and spirit?” (Aspen video) Meditation is actually a science and a very healthy one at that as it is a proven discipline that not only helps one physically, but mentally as well that has scientifically proven results. That is why the use of correspondences are so useful. The right ones, depending on the spell all somewhat resonate at those certain frequencies. Intent also alters those frequencies. The stronger the intent and correspondences the stronger the energy for the spell is. Henceforth why working in a group is so much more powerful than alone. Also, if one who is reading this is Christian, it says in the King James Version Holy Bible that Jesus Christ himself said to his apostles that if more then one of you pray and are in agreement, I will be with you. Meditation is key to achieve the results you want. “Meditation effects the brain. The brain effects the body and the brain effects the mind.” (Bob Roth Aspen) According to the EOC Institute, deep meditation is extremely good for oneself. It strengthens one’s brain with “enormously positive transformation.” EOC says that meditation after only 25 minutes can balance both brain hemispheres. This would help your brain in my opinion amplify its potential due to the logical and emotional sides of the brain working together. Combined with intent, this will give a significant bang for your buck in amplifying spellcasting success. “If we can master meditation and cut though our ingrained patterns of grasping and aversion, we could choose how to react in this or any situation regardless of the circumstances leading up to it.” (Miller pg 41)

Anther thing that will contribute to one’s success is thinking things through.

“ If you act without thought you are reacting, and this weakens your position (Winterfield pg 28) When spell casting is performed, one has to try to cut out all mental distractions and wandering thoughts to increase one’s success in spell casting. Jason Miller defines meditation as a process that helps control or eliminate mental distractions (pg 40)

Magick is and can be a wonderful thing. I say this because it is all how one uses it. It can bring great joy and fantastic creations and wonders into one’s life, as well as bring harm, despair and destruction. I believe in the right hand’s magick can change the world for the better. Magick is not all about changing the world around you though. I recently ran into a quote that really made me think and I whole hardy agree with. “Reality is shaped by your perception, alter your perception and you alter your reality.” (Father Alex LaFountain Facebook) I believe this to be true because there have been many times in my past where I was depressed or just off and perceived the world to be against me, and after I snapped out of it. I realized it was just me and it had nothing to really do to the world around me. My reality changed as I saw things differently. That was magick in itself. I realized that by changing myself I can change my reality. It is all how one perceives it. If we can change the way we think, we can change our perception and in turn change our very lives by changing our reality for the better.





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