Life by Themathou Storm Bringer


© Themathou Storm Bringer


Going through life is indeed an experience. There certainly is a lot to be learned. There are many paths. Some wide, some narrow, some rocky, some smooth, some steep, and some level. To truly learn, one must apparently travel all of them. Lessons are to be taught and learned from each. Some must be traveled many times until all the lessons are learned and taught. For sometimes one travels down the path not to learn but to teach others. One is chosen because, at the time and place, that one is the best teacher for the timing. Also, one who teaches can always learn from the one who is learning at the same time. Sometimes, one who thinks he is the teacher is unknowingly the student and the would-be student the teacher.

Through this education we make our decisions and find out who we are and what we stand for! One can easily say what they would do or say if this or that happened, but the truth of the matter is that one never knows what one will truly say or do until they are put into that situation and are living it at that moment in time. Some of the seemingly biggest cowards will rise in compassion, bravery, and victory and or defeat while some of the seemingly bravest and mightiest will cower and run. No one truly knows until they are right there on the front lines and the thick of it.

Only as the hammer hits the anvil and we are forged in the flames and heat of life can one truly know their mettle. Through that knowledge, one can finger out and achieve one’s destiny. Some say how you treat others is the true mark of character, but what good is that when the ones closet to you do not listen and sabotage all your plans? Then, with all ones help and all one’s goodness one is left destitute with no one to care for his needs because one gave it all away to others who needed it more at the time. Where are all the people one took care of? Where is the religion to serve you in return in your hour of need?

Life is a journey though which lessons are taught and learned. Some religions teach us to believe that this is our only life to live while others teach there are many. The real truth is that no one really knows. We just must live life to the best we can at the time we have right now.