Class Sample – Hoodoo 301

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Class: Hoodoo 301 – Overview of the Workings

Department: Dark Arts (Black)

Level: 3


Lesson 8 – Candle Works

Much of Hoodoo and Conjure relies on some use of candles. There are, however, some spells that are all about the candle. Here are just a couple types of candles and candle works you may encounter.


Glass-Encased Candles (7-day Candles) 

There are essentially three types of glass-encased candles: plain glass with colored wax (sometimes coming in layers of colors), condition candles, and Saint or Deity candles. These candles are typically dressed with oils and herbs, prayed over, and burned until they go out – roughly 7 days. This, of course, is not in keeping with candle safety standards of never leaving a candle unattended – use good judgement and extreme caution.

Plain glass-encased candle can be used for anything. Simply add a petition and a prayer to a candle of the appropriate color. A few color correspondences in Hoodoo:

Red – love, sexuality, affection, passion

Orange – change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams

Yellow – devotion, prayer, money (gold), success

Green – money, good job, luck

Blue – peace and harmony, healing and spirituality

Purple – mastery, control, command

Pink – attraction, reconciliation, friendship

Brown – court cases

White – all purpose

For example, if I wanted to open a door (clear the way), I might burn a white or orange candle with a prayer to St. Peter (the gatekeeper).

If I wanted passion, I might burn a red candle with a prayer from the Song of Solomon.

Then there are glass-encased candles with specific conditions painted or screen-printed on the glass itself. These also use the color correspondences. Examples might be Blockbuster, Road Opener, Fast Luck, Clarity, etc. Sometimes these candles come with a prayer on them to recite.

Finally, there are the Saints and Deities. (Note that multiple deities and deity candles are not traditional to Hoodoo but are becoming popular.) Saint candles usually have the picture of a Catholic or Protestant religious figure and a prayer screen-printed or pasted on the glass. Some examples of what you might use Saints for:

St. Martha – Domination or Peaceful Home

St. Expedite – getting what you need in a hurry

St. Jude – patron Saint of lost causes

St. Michael – protection

St. Peter – protection and road opening, kind of a multi-purpose Saint

When using a glass-encased candle first cleanse it with some Florida Water or Hoyt’s Cologne – salt water will also do. To dress the candle with oil, take some sort of long, pointed object like a bamboo skewer or straightened metal clothes hanger and press it vertically into the candle in three places. Place a few drops of oil in the holes. If you just pour oil on top it will saturate the wick and the candle will not burn. You can place herbs on top of the candle’s surface put only a small amount. DO NOT leave this unattended as the herbs could spark and pop as they burn. You should say your prayers over the candle and state your petition daily. The petition might be placed on paper under the candle or burned to ash and added to the candle.

Figure Candles 

An interesting type of candle worked with in Hoodoo is the figure candle. These come in many forms. Here is an excerpt from list published in The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic by Catherine Yronwode and Mikhal Strabo:

Black Cat: good luck for gamblers and risk-takers

Bride and Groom (couple side by side): Red for passion, pink for reconciliation, white to attract new love, black for harm to a couple, blue for tranquil peace.

Skull: to influence another’s thoughts. White for healing, red for love, green for money, black for meditation on death

Divorce candle (couple back to back): Black for break-up

Cross: white for spiritual purity, black for personal power, brown for court cases, green for money, yellow for devotion

Man or Woman (clothed): job, school, or career

Pyramid with Eye: drawing money


This section is just to say that not all candle work has to be big and elaborate with special candles and such. Tealights laid out in a cross formation are excellent for charging mojo hands, herbs, talismans, a plenty more. They burn quickly so you don’t have to worry about leaving them unattended. They are still thick enough the write or draw and small sigil/symbol on.



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