Student Submission – Do You Believe in Magic by Anthony Murphy

The following poem is a submission from Anthony Murphy, an accomplished pagan and wizardly author and poet. It is reproduced here with permission. Check out his first published anthology of poetry, Musings and Meditations, on Amazon. © Anthony Murphy.


Do you believe in magic?
Tell me how you could not.
Our brains contained in a box with no springs
No gears or electric plug, crank or wires
And yet powered beyond imagining by imagination.
We are unto ourselves,
Experiencing the gentle spring breeze
through an interpretation of our senses.
For what is beauty but our own recollection?
What is smell but a memory in motion?
And when those rolling clouds of April peel back in the dawning Days of May, how are we to know that we have not been here Before, dead or alive?
If all the gods of all antiquity were but words on a page,
And we the spaces between them,
What book would be written by our collected thoughts?
Poe once called life “a dream within a dream”,
And the longer I live, the more it does seem that he was right.
All infinity blown out before us, all creation in a single atom;
The oscillation of eons.
Cast amid the tumultuous expanse of chaos,
We stand astride ethereal ideas of things yet to be,
And from that chaos our will extracts meaning,
Giving birth to possibility.
So, do you believe in magic?
Tell me how you could not.