Class Sample – Path of the White Wizard

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The Grey School of Wizardry has more than 400 classes spanning 16 Departments, covering facets of magick from meditation to herbalism to ritual and ceremony, just to name a small sample. We understand that this can be overwehelming even to experienced students. To help give our friends and students some guidance, Grey Matters will be offering a series of excerpts from these exciting classes for your perusal and enjoyment. Please join us below the break for a brief sample from one of our many classes.


Class: Path of the White Wizard

Department: Ceremonial Magick (White)

Level: 1


Lesson 4 – What is High Magick, White Magick, Ceremonial Magick?

High Magick generally refers to what is known as thuergy. This is different from (not opposed to) Low Magick, which is known as thaumaturgy.

Theurgy means “divine-working” or more precisely “The Science or Art of Divine Works.” It refers to the practice of performing rituals in order to invoke or evoke deity, or angels and other entities, with the goal of elevating one’s self to a state of perfect being.

  1. J. Langford Garstin states that “Theurgy or the Telestic Work, was the very essence of the teaching of the Mystery Schools of Egypt, of Samothrace and of Eleusis; of Zoroaster, of Mithra and of Orpheus. And in Egypt, the cradle of them all, were initiated many of the outstanding men of their day, such as Pythagoras, Plato, Demokritos, Eudoxus, Archimedes, Chrysippos, Euripides, Proklos, Thales and many others” (

Thaumatury means “miracle-working” or “wonder-working.” This type of magick is aimed at causing change in the physical world. Spellwork and petitions, for example, are thaumatury. Hoodoo and folk magick, found in the Dark Arts department, are considered Low Magick. This magick is a form of sympathetic magick, meaning when you use something as a representation of the microcosm it impacts the macrocosm. In Low Magick, it is common to say “like affects like.” In High Magick, it is common to say “As above, so below.” In truth, these are the same concept.

It is sometimes divided that White Magick is equal to theurgy alone and Black Magick is thaumatury. It is implied that the former is all about spiritual attainment and the latter is about physical attainment. This, in fact, is a false dichotomy in which no such clear line exists. Ceremonial Magick includes spiritual goals and physical goals. Even if it is not your aim, if you work with the spirit long enough you will change the world around you. If you work to influence the world around you long enough you will influence your own being.


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