Caduceus Award Level 1 Awarded to Elthadrail

Elthadrail has been awarded the Caduceus Award – Level 1, the official award of the Grey School of Wizardry’s Hermes Club. This award recognizes those who have made progress in the study of Ceremonial Magick. The requirements for Level 1 are as follows:

• Be a member of the GSW in good standing.
• Be at least a level 2 student, or have completed credits equal to a level 2 student.
• Have successfully completed at least 3 classes in the Ceremonial Magick Department.
• Have attended at lest 4 meetings of Hermes Club within the prior 3 months at the time of application for the award.

Congratulations, Elthadrail! Here’s hoping that you will soon be awarded the other two Levels!