Ask the Wizard Question – Magick and Spirits

A question was submitted to our “Ask the Wizard” feature, inquiring as to whether or not all magick uses evil spirits.

The most basic answer to this question is “no.” However, there are several reasons why this is the answer.

For one thing, not all forms of magick actively rely on spirits at all. In fact, many spells, amulets, and rituals are performed without calling on spirits in any matter. Of course, there are some magicians who claim that any kind of magick we do relies on spirits in some way. These are proponents of what is called the “Spirit Model” and they believe that all the techniques of magick are just different ways to enlist the aid of spiritual beings, even if that isn’t known or admitted. This is, however, only one of many possible paradigms and is not an unquestioned universal truth.

For another thing, “good” and “evil” are difficult terms. We will not even try to delve into philosophy here, but suffice it to say that not all wizards agree on what good and evil mean, or even if they exist. Furthermore, there are many different types of spirits. Some may be classified as “evil” because of their behaviors or natures. Some are classified as “good” for the same reasons. Many are simply neutral, being neither good nor evil. They simply are what they are, much like animals or people. Wizards can evoke and invoke angels, demons, and many other classes of spirit beings in their workings; not all can be said to be evil.

Thus, we can conclude that magick does not entirely rely on the actions of spirits, evil or otherwise.


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