Academy of Arcana Closing

Academy of Arcana closing shop

Oct. 31, 2017

Hallowed Hallowe’en, and Blessed Samhain!

If you haven’t seen it already, check out this current cover story in the Santa Cruz Good Times:…/oberon-zell-wizards-modern-paganism/

Rather ironic, that most excellent article coming out right at this time. We need to evacuate the Academy of Arcana by the end of Nov. After two years in Santa Cruz, it’s just not really working out here. There’s not enough money coming in to pay the rent and bills; plus we’ve had major thefts, and problems with street people and drugs. Today’s card is The Tower.

Nov. 30 is my 75th birthday, and that’s the day we have to be completely out of the building. Maybe we’ll throw a final big birthday bash at the Academy… Three quarters of a century; wow!

We’ve gotten great publicity here (not only the current Good Times article, but also several nice features in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, “NBC’s 1st Look,” the History Channel, numerous radio interviews, and the Chinese Travel Channel! Even an award-winning movie of my life—“The Wizard OZ”—showing at film festivals around the country), but no financial support, grants, or patronage of a wealthy benefactor, which is what all museums and libraries require to function.

So we’ll be having a “Going Out of Business Sale” at the Academy all this month, while we pack up the library, museum, sanctuary, shop and offices—and look for a new home. Wish us well!

I am deeply and forever grateful to Anne and Lloydiarth for inviting me to Santa Cruz two years ago, and taking me into their lovely castle home in Bonny Doon (“The Keep”)—just a few miles from where Robert Heinlein used to live. But circumstances direct that it’s time to move on…

Along with Morning Glory, I miss RavenHaven, and the wonderful and supportive Pagan community we enjoyed in Sonoma County for 15 years. (For that matter, the same must be said of Mendocino County, where we lived happily ever after for the previous 20 years.) I’ve been all over the country, and I can’t think of any place I’d rather live—but so much of the familiar places we loved—and homes of friends—were burned to ashes in the terrible fires of this dreadful October.

Still, if there’s any possibility of finding another RavenHaven (rambling rural farmhouse, 3-4 bedrooms, 2 baths, barn, outbuildings, a few acres…trees, garden, good well, pool, hot tub…) in Sonoma County, within a couple hours’ drive of the airport, I’d move back there in a minute. That’s my birthday wish and prayer, as put into the Samhain Circle at the Temple of Cosmic Consciousness in Salem, MA, just the other day—with Gypsy Ravish and Orion Foxwood. So mote it be!

For we are, after all, Witches, Wizards, and Magicians. We deal in probability enhancement. We can turn this around; with a little help from my friends, the Tower can be rebuilt—stronger than before. A new Adventure looms on the horizon, awaiting to manifest…

Brightest Blessings,