Ask the Wizard Question Submission – Are We “Real?

An interested individual wrote in with a simple question: “Is this school true? Is it relay [sic] a true school of magic, or is it a snare for people to come and ‘play magic.’ ”

This is a great question, and it is likely one that many people ask themselves when they stumble upon the Grey School of Wizardry. The answer is as simple as the question.

Yes. We are a genuine school of magick. We teach and practice wizardry for real. When we cast spells, we expect results. If we have done our work correctly, we get them. Our 400+ classes draw on the authentic and historical wisdom of millennia of wizardly history, stretching back as far as the dawn of human civilization. Our instructors are knowledgeable experts in their fields who have real-life experience with applying this knowledge for real, practical results.

We are not role-players or in it for the sake of amusement and novelty. We commit to our studies and work, and we reap the rewards.