Lammas vGSW Conclave – Reflection

This past Saturday, August 5th, the Grey School of Wizardry’s vGSW campus on SecondLife played host to our Lammas Conclave. This event marks the 13th anniversary of the Grey School of Wizardry and was an auspicious celebration of that historical event.

Presiding over this event was Headmaster Oberon (center), Dean Peristera, Assistant Dean Adservio, Dean Anne Duthers, Glanecia, and Professor Ambika Devi, pictured below.


Welcomes and introductions were held in the Great Hall, including the reading of a lovely poem by Dean Peristera. We were led by Glanecia is placing virtual loves of bread on the tables to commemorate the harvest season and to symbolize the fruits of our past labors that we are now fortunate enough to harvest.


We next adjourned to the GSW Ampitheater where Headmaster Oberon held a Q&A session covering a wide array of topics, from future plans for the GSW to the meaning of the holiday.


After a short recess, the attendees gathered again in the Rhetoric Classroom for a fascinating panel discussion on the source of magick. The panel consisted of Headmaster Oberon, Dean Peristera, Dean Anne Duthers, and Professor Ambika Devi. The discussion was moderated by the redoubtable Nicholas Kingsley.


Following the conclusion of the riveting discussion, there was a short break for lunch. When the conclave resumed, Professor Ambika Devi hosted a workshop on dreaming. Your author was obliged to miss the event, but is reliably informed that it was well-received.

Next, DJ Liliana provided musical accompaniment for the Wizard’s Social hosted by Glanecia, followed by Open Mic Night for anyone who cared to present their creativity.

Lastly, but not least, the conclave ended on a high note as Dean Peristera led the attendees through a vGSW ritual to burn the Wicker Man.


Our thanks go out to the hardworking faculty, Administration, and volunteers who helped make this celebration a success. We also wish to thank the nearly two dozen souls who joined us on SecondLife and made this conclave happen. If you were able to join us this time, we were glad to have you. If you had to miss it, we hope that you’ll join us next time.