New Class Announcement: Hoodoo 301 – Overview of the Workings

Hoodoo 301: Overview of The Workings
Dept: Dark Arts
Credits: 2
Level: 3
Instructor: “Tau Peristera”

Class Description: This class is a basic overview of Hoodoo and Conjure workings, including some of the most popular spells and techniques. Covered are: mojo hands/bags, container spells, candle work, working with the Bible, and the use of herbs and curios.

Required Materials: small amount of fabric, small container, various herbs
Estimated Completion Time: 4-6 weeks
Prerequisites: Basics of Hoodoo: Working with the Ancestors
Safety Precautions: None

Learning Objectives
After completing this class, the student will be able to:
Make a mojo hand/bag.
Make a container spell.
Describe how the Bible is used in Hoodoo and Conjure.
Name several herbs and curios and explain how they are used in Hoodoo and Conjure.
Discuss the basics of Hoodoo and Conjure magicks.