Ask the Wizard Question Submission: Wands

A visitor to our site asked “do wizards use wands in [sic] real in the school?”

The answer to that question is both “yes” and “no.” It is “yes” because some wizards do indeed use wands as a magickal tool. However, it is also “no” because some wizards do not. Ultimately, wands are a tool just like many others used by magickal practitioners. Any individual may or may not choose to use one.

As a tool, wands are constructed and empowered to aid the wizard in the direction of his or her will or energy. For those who choose to use them, they can serve as valuable ritual tools, reservoirs of magickal power, and psychological props that help to get the wizard in the proper state of mind. However, they are by no means required or mandatory.

The Grey School of Wizardry offers several classes to its apprentices who are interested in the topic, including “Magickal Tools” (Level 1 Class, Magickal Practice Department) and “Wandmaking” (Level 5, Magickal Practice Department).


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