New Class – Introduction to Ancient Hebrew in Magickal Practice

Credits: 2
Level: 3
Department: Magickal Practice
Instructor: Frater Adservio

In the forms of ceremonial magick widely practiced today, as descended in particular from the Golden Dawn tradition and the Western/Hermetic streams of thought in general, the Hebrew language is used extensively.

This class does not aim to teach mastery of Hebrew as a written or spoken language. Instead, it looks at the Hebrew alphabet from the same mystical position used by rabbis and occultists for thousands of years; that each letter is a Divine Mystery, created and empowered by God, with special innate powers and meanings quite disconnected from their mere linguistic value.

The student in this class will explore these mystical interpretations of the Hebrew letters as well as make brief forays into using this knowledge to examine the Hebrew Names of Power often used for angels, archangels, sephiroth, and more.

Required Materials: None

Estimated Completion Time: 1 month
Prerequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in “Introduction to Qabbalah.”