New Term at the Grey School of Wizardry – 25th Scabbard of Prefects – House Hat and Lodge Cup Winners

At the Spring Equinox, day and night stand perfectly balanced. At this time of wholeness and power the Wheel of the Year turns here at the Grey School of Wizardry. A new term begins!

We wish to congratulate the outgoing prefects of the 24th Scabbard and thank them for their service. We are also pleased to announce the 25th Scabbard of Prefects:

Captain: Otter
Stones Prefect: Shadowfox
Flames Prefect: Silvermoon7
Winds Prefect: RichardCrow
Waters Prefect: Greenmage

We look forward to working with these student leaders over the coming six months.

It is also our pleasure to announce the winners of the House hat and Lodge Cup. This term the House Hat goes to the Sylphs, with a total score of 8.29. Congratulations, Slyphs!
The runner-up for House Hat was the Undines, with a score of 5.5. Good work, Undines!

The Lodge Cup for this term goes to the Lodge of the Four Winds, with an impressive score of 24.52. Congratulations, Winds! The Order of the Dancing Flames was licking at the Winds’ heels, with a score of 23.16. The competition is very close between these two Lodges!