March 5th vGSW Flower Party

Join us on Sunday March 5th for our Flower Power Party decorating our digital campus with glorious color. Meet us at Ozmeade Village to cast our joyous spell of Spring!
 10:00 – Snow will melt away – the snow on the ground, and snowy background around the sim, will change from winter to spring.
11:00 AM – ‘Meet Your Local Fae’ – with Prof. Anne Duthers
12:00 noon – BREAK
1:00 PM – Quidditch Match, Flames vs Waters
2:00 PM – vGSW Orientation class usually happens at this time – in this session, we will learn how to edit, and rez flowers. Everyone will get to participate in decorating the sim, during this hour.
3:00 – 4:00 Decorating Work Party – those who have permissions to decorate the sim, will be encouraged to do so during this time, so others can see the magical changing of the season
5:00 – Fairy Gardens with Prof. Elthadrail & Gale Mantichare
6:00– Silvermoon7 hosts a Flower Power party at the Wizard’s Keep We could have a contest for best dressed in fairy. Or, dress like a hippie to celebrate your Flower Power!