Ask the Wizard – Apprenticeship and Other Studies

Grey School of Wizardry apprentice Augustine asks:

1. Do you think that joining orders or studying other courses whilst an apprentice is a good or bad idea?

2. Do you think it is wise to go against an original decision based on an internal feeling not to do this?


Regarding the first question, I think it all depends on the apprentice. We are all unique people with different skills, abilities, and resources. Some apprentices have plenty of time in their days to fit in all kinds of magickal studies and practices while some barely have time to ground and center in the shower before they rush out the door. Likewise, some can multitask, self-motivate, and manage time very effectively while others may not be so lucky. Really, this is ultimately a question you have to decide for yourself. Do you have the time and money to make the commitment? Can you manage your time to make sure you complete all your responsibilities, mundane and magickal? Can you effectively set and achieve goals, including balancing effort towards all of them at once? If so, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing other interests. If not, there is no shame in choosing to focus yourself on one thing at a time. A good wizard is honest with themselves and sets reasonable and attainable goals.

The second question is also very subjective. There is a lot to be said for instinct and listening to gut feelings, but staying determined and not giving up just because of a “bad feeling” is important too. You would really need to weigh the decision heavily before choosing. You could try drawing up a list of pro’s and con’s for both doing and not doing whatever you decided, asking for an outside opinion, or perform divination to try and clarify your options and their likely outcomes.


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