All for One & One for All

Amidst numerous exciting changes at Grey School of Wizardry are the amazing things happening in the Houses of our younger students.

The Salamanders Hall of Ambers, The Eastern Keep of the Sylphs, The Western Sea of the Undines, and the Cavern of the Gnomes have united under one student Captain for this term as we rest under the watchful eye of our worthy Gryphon. A second year student, Gryphon is about to finish his first Level with Grey School and knows his way around the forums and Grey School website like a Salamander through flames.

Be sure to say “hi!” when you see Gryphon in the forum halls, and don’t be shy to ask for a hand. As Youth Captain, that’s his job! You will find the Youth forum in the Great Hall < House and Commons – but Gryphon may be almost anywhere!

More exciting happenings, as student Wizards over 16 will soon join the fun on virtual Grey School campus with a free account on Second Life! Once that happens, be sure to sign up for the vGSW Orientation class. Then log on to the vGSW forum once your SL account is set up. Virtual campus Provost Aaran will help you from there.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes our beloved Administrators are working to open our virtual campus to all youth students. Once inside, the campus will be a real retreat for youth, meaning no off v-campus excursions. It also means you will be able to join our Unicorn Quidditch Club supporters and maybe even fly for Grey School in a match!

About to Level Up? Need help finishing a class? Want someone to look at an essay draft? Drop by Study Hall in the House Commons forum. There, as Interim Head of Youth Houses, I or my Assistant, Puck, will be able to help you. Be sure to say “hi!” when you see us in the forum halls, and don’t be shy to ask for a hand. That’s our job!

greenhouse hi view